Frequently asked questions and answers about myValve

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Which products can be designed using myValve?
On myValve you can currently design ARI control valves, self-operated regulators, shut-off valves, process valves, high-performance valves, safety valves and steam traps. Please note that we are constantly expanding the range of functions. To stay up to date, please register for our newsletter.
Can I use myValve without registering?
To use myValve, you need to register with myARI.
Do you also offer customised valve solutions?
Yes, ARI-Armaturen is happy to advise and support you with customised solutions. For this purpose, use our design programme myValve or contact your customer manager.
Which documents are available on myValve?
On myValve you will find the data sheet, the operating instructions, the product info and the CAD files to match your calculation. Certificates can be created on request.
What can I calculate with myValve?
myValve is your valve design program for controlling, shutting off, securing and diverting. Taking into account various system data from you, you will receive the appropriately configured ARI products.
Can I save my calculations?
You can of course save your calculations by downloading them. The file will be saved in your download folder and can also be uploaded again for further calculations.
Can an ARI-MA support me with the calculations?
For any questions about myValve, you can of course contact the ARI customer manager. You can find this in myARI under "Contact".
Can I forward my results for a quote calculation?
You can download your results directly from myValve as a PDF or XML file and forward it to your ARI customer manager. We can then create a quote for you directly.
Where can I find the CAD data?
The CAD data of the calculated valve is available for download in myValve. Further CAD data can be found on the ARI homepage. Here is the link to the ARI homepage.
Can I also calculate my results in other units?
Of course you can adjust the units in your calculation (e.g. Celsius/ Kelvin/ Fahrenheit).
In which format will I receive the results of my calculations?
The calculation is provided as an XML file and can be downloaded. The file is downloaded to the local download directory of your own computer. The XML file can then be imported and processed later on. It is also possible to output the calculation in HTML or PDF format.
Are my results available as a download?
Yes, you can download your calculation.

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